Twin River Logistics Is Your One-Stop Logistics Company Based out of Clive, IA–We Will Transport Your Fresh and Frozen Products

Twin River Logistics Specialties

At Twin River Logistics, we specialize in refrigerated product transportation. We haul fresh and frozen meats, along with fresh and frozen produce. All of our trailers are 53′ refrigerated trailers that are newer models that operate more reliably and efficiently than other trailers.

So that we can service our customers better, we have several multi-temperature 53′ trailers so we can haul fresh and frozen loads on the same trailer. By having the multi-temperature trailers, it allows more flexibility for our customers, as they can use one Twin River Logistics trailer versus using one trailer for fresh, and a second trailer for frozen.

Twin River Logistics operates in the Continental United States with trucks going to all lower 48 states. Our largest outbound customer is based in Kansas City, KS so the majority of loads start in Kansas City.

Our largest inbound customers are also based in Kansas City, so we are an out-and-in transportation company.

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About Our Fleet

Our fleet of trucks is 100% owner operator. As a company, we own quite a few trailers to better serve our customers to provide drop and hook capabilities. Our drivers also like that we have company owned trailers, so they don’t have to wait for a trailer to get empty to get to their next load.

Our refrigerated trailers are all 53’ long and utilize either TheromoKing units or Carrier units. The trailers we have are single temperature and multi-temperature trailers.


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