Simple Pit Stop Exercises for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are one of the most likely groups of workers to become obese. One of the reasons is obvious: truck drivers spend hours sitting, without taking a chance to burn excess calories.

If you’re a truck driver, you can do something to avoid gaining weight. Every time you make a pit stop, do a short exercise routine. This will help you burn calories and keep your energy levels high. And remember, when you exercise regularly and build muscle, your body burns more calories during the day, even after you’re done exercising.

You might think exercising at gas stations and truck stops will make you feel silly, but actually, people will respect you and even admire you for trying to stay healthy on the road. Here are some ideas for short exercises you can do anywhere:


You can gain muscle with weights, even if you don’t have time to go to the gym. And when you build more muscle, you burn more calories throughout the day.

Start with 5- or 10-pound weights and move up from there. There are plenty of exercises you can perform with weights. One is the shoulder press, which involves standing straight and lifting the weights up above the shoulders. It’s simple, but it works the trapezius and triceps.

Another exercise is the lateral raise. Stand with your hands hanging down, and then lift them out to the sides just below shoulder level. This should work the deltoids, forearms, and traps.

Finally, try the preacher curl. Stand or sit with your hands hanging down. Then, curl your arms up toward your shoulders. This targets your biceps and brachialis.

Jump Roping

Jump roping is not just for school children. With jump roping, you can burn 200 calories in two 10-minute sessions—that’s 73 grams (2.5 ounces) of French fries or most of a glazed doughnut.

Just make sure that your jump roping workout is far from casual. Really push yourself. Try different variations, like jumping with one foot at a time or jumping especially high.

Jumping Jacks

You’ve probably done this exercise before, but you may not have tried all the interesting variations. Try crossing your legs each time you do a jumping jack, or alternating your legs backward and forward. You can even squat while you do jumping jacks—just squat down every time your arms come up.


Now here’s an exercise where you’re guaranteed to look cool. Look even cooler by trying different variations. Try one arm behind your back, spread your hands wider than usual, or lift one leg off the ground.

If you don’t have a good place to do push-ups, try push-ups against the wall at the gas station.

High Knees

Imagine a personal trainer is shouting at you to get those knees up as you lift them in quick succession. Listen to some inspiring music on your headphones to really get pumped up.


You’ll need a grassy spot to lie down, but this simple exercise can be modified so much that it never gets old. Here are just a few ideas:

  • As you crunch, bend your knees and move your legs back and forth like you’re riding a bicycle.
  • Lift your legs straight in the air. As you crunch, move your legs toward you.
  • Each time you sit up, lift your weights in the air.
  • Lift your knees parallel to the floor and place a weighted object (like a ball) on them. Sit up, reaching your arms forward.
  • As you crunch, reach one arm in the air, aiming it toward the opposite knee. Then switch arms at the next crunch.

Stay Healthy on the Road

Don’t spend your break time off the road sitting and veg’ing. Instead, add a short workout routine and burn more calories all day long!

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