The 5 Most Dangerous Drivers to Avoid on the Highway

Truckers see a lot of bad behavior on the roads and interstates of our great nation—and not just what drivers are doing on the road. Sitting high up in the cab of an 18-wheeler, we get a pretty good view of what other drivers are doing inside their cars too. And frankly, it’s just plain scary.

So truckers, watch out for these five driving disasters when you’re out on the road.

1. The Texter

Since the advent of the mobile phone, this has been the number-one most dangerous thing people do on the road. Everyone seems to have a smartphone, even young drivers who just received their licenses, and that means everybody is tempted to use it. Thank goodness that many states now have made texting while driving illegal and a reason to pull someone over. Move over, and let this driver pass you by.

2. The Impatient Driver

You all know this guy. He’s the speeder, the abrupt lane changer, the tailgating horn-honker, and the guy who passes on the right. He’s the one who is trying to get around you on a one-way highway with heavy oncoming traffic. The guy who knows the rules of the road but doesn’t think they apply to him. Just stay to the right and hope he finds a way to get past you fast—because he is never going to change his ways.

3. The Hungry Man (or Woman)

He’s so famished he cannot wait. He may be within a mile of a sit-down restaurant, or minutes from a home-cooked dinner at the table with family, but no. He prefers to drive with his knees, holding a 44 oz. soda in one hand and digging through a greasy bucket of chicken with the other. Trust us, this is not the way to merge onto the freeway. Stay clear of this distracted driver. If something happens where he needs to abruptly grab the steering wheel, his meal won’t be “finger-lickin’ good” for long.

4. The Oblivious Driver

These are the ones that are ignorant of the rules of the road. They don’t check their mirrors or pay attention as they should, so they are not aware of anything going on from behind or in the lanes beside them. They may be rocking out to their playlist and are unaware they have had their blinkers on for the last 25 miles. They drive under the speed limit in the fast lane, maintain a steady speed in your blind spot, or pass in the slow lane.

Not all drivers understand that truckers have a much bigger blind spot and, thus, a much harder time seeing cars. Remain in the far right lane, so oblivious drivers can pass on.

5. The Overly Cautious or Scared Driver

There are some drivers who may be better off taking public transportation. Why? They just can’t seem to handle the stresses of being on the road—especially when they get around big rigs. Let’s be honest, driving next to an 18-wheeler loaded down with several tons of logging timber in a thunderstorm will make anyone be extra careful. But there are those who may be a little too anxiety prone in any situation. They startle easy or drive 15 mph under the recommended speed. Both you and this driver will want to avoid each other, so stay to the right and drive at a speed you are comfortable with.

Fellow road warriors, remember that it’s not enough to avoid dangerous drivers. Even when you are driving for hours, don’t become the texter or the hungry man. Stay alert, think safety first, and become a better driver yourself.

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